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Big Nose, New Emile, and China's Revolutionary Children's Literature

Chinese-Greek Collaborative Ventures around Children's Books

Tong Nian Mei Xue: Guan Cha Yu Si Kao/ : by Fang Weiping (review)

Translation, Children’s Literature, and Lu Xun’s Intellectual Struggles

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Xiong Liang: Create for Fun

The Image of China in Red Scarf Girl : Promoting International Understanding or Reinforcing Western Hegemony?

Traditional Culture in Chinese Children’s Literature after 1980

Leung, For-Hing. Da Shi Dai li de Xiao Za Zhi: “Xin Er Tong” Ban Yue Kan (1941-1949) Yan Jiu (review)

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China’s Patriotic Exposé: Ye Shengtao’s Fairytale, Daocao ren [Scarecrow]

Graphic Novels and Multimodal Literacy: A High School Study with American Born Chinese

Liu Xianping: A Literary Call for an Ecological Conscience

Depictions of the Cultural Revolution in Chinese Juvenile Fiction

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Picture books in China from 1950-1966: A snapshot

From Victory to Victimization: The Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945) as Depicted in Chinese Youth Literature

Monkey King’s Journey to the West: Transmission of a Chinese Folktale to Anglophone Children

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